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This section is updated periodically. Last update: August 23, 2010

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Published by Random Lengths, RL International is an 8-page newsletter which provides articles and market analysis on emerging global wood products trends, export and import statistics from countries around the globe, a market report on North American export trading, and a price guide containing key wood products exported from the U.S. and Canada.

China Softwood Lumber Import Statistics Correction

(The following is a correction to the China Import Statistics, for two separate issues: First Quarter January-March statistics, published in the June 9, 2010 issue; and Second Quarter January-June statistics, published in the August 18, 2010 issue.)

In the China Softwood Lumber Imports table on page 6 that appeared in both the August 18, 2010 and June 9, 2010 issues of International, the ?2009? and ?% Chg? columns were incorrect. For both issues, data listed in the previous year ?2009? column was actually for 2008. Because the comparison was made to the wrong year, the ?% Chg? column is also incorrect.

Data in the 2010 column, and the China Softwood Lumber Exports table, have been correct.

A revised page 6 with the correct China Softwood Lumber Imports data for August 18, 2010 and June 9, 2010, in pdf format, are available to view or download on this page:

China Softwood Lumber Imports statistics for:
Published in International :
PDF file name:
First Quarter 2010 (Jan-Mar) June 9, 2010 issue, page 6 RLI_Correction_Jun2010.pdf
Second Quarter 2010 (Jan-Jun) August 18, 2010 issue, page 6 RLI_Correction_Aug2010.pdf

Random Lengths International subscribers can request a copy of the August 18, 2010 and June 9, 2010 corrected page 6 only via email or postal delivery, or a complete, corrected 8-page International PDF file for the issues of August 18, 2010 and June 9, 2010 via email, to be sent to them. Please send your request by email to: Please include a postal mailing or email address.

International email pdf subscribers received a revised version of the complete 8-page RL International, emailed directly to them August 23. International subscribers can request a copy of the U.S. export statistics for March be sent to them by sending a request by email to Please include a postal mailing or email address.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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