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Random Lengths Through A Knothole In Depth

This section is updated periodically. Last update: February 16, 2018

Special Reports about scheduled Price Guide Revisions for Lumber, Panel, and Midweek are available here.

In the Through A Knothole section of our full newsletter are articles of interest to the industry, including production/price trends, new products, trade issues, statistics, and much more. This section provides supplemental information to the stories covered in Through A Knothole.

Revised Wood Products Industry Financial Results Table

(The following is a revision to a table published in the February 16, 2018, issue of Random Lengths.)

Available at this link [Financial.Results.4Q.2017.pdf] is an updated table for Wood Products Industry Financial Results published in the February 16 issue of Random Lengths. When the results for the fourth quarter and calendar year 2017 were published, five companies listed in the table had yet to report their results. The results for all companies are reflected in this update. The table also reflects the Potlatch-Deltic merger.

View, download, and/or print the revised Random Lengths Wood Products Industry Financial Results table [Financial.Results.4Q.2017.pdf].

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