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Subscription FAQ

Why is my mailed copy arriving late?

All copies of the Random Lengths weekly report are mailed on the Friday they are printed.

Random Lengths meets U.S.P.S. regulations and delivery requirements in order to expedite U.S.P.S. handling each week. You should receive the report by Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. If you are not getting your report promptly, answer the following questions:

Have you changed your address recently? Was the address on the envelope of the last report you received correct? Is your name on the envelope?

If all is correct and you are still having problems receiving the report promptly, you may want to consider taking the report by e-mail to avoid postal delays. Click here to find out how to take the report by email PDF.

How do I get Adobe Acrobat Reader so I can download the PDF versions of your reports?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free. You can download it from the world wide web at

What if I want to return a book I ordered from you?

Please return the book with a courier service that allows you to trace the package. Books should be returned in sturdy packaging to avoid damage when shipping. Please return the books to our shipping address:

Book Returns
Random Lengths Publications
450 Country Club Rd Suite 315
Eugene OR 97401

Be sure you include your return address and a phone number so we can reach you if necessary.

Can I subscribe to the Online Lumber and Panel Reports without subscribing to the complete Random Lengths

No, not at this time. All of the Online services are premium "supplemental" services to the full 12-page report. You must subscribe to this full report in order to receive the Online reports.

Why are there different prices on my statement for subscriptions to the same publication?

Either one of the subscriptions is discounted, or one of the subscriptions is pro-rated (not an entire 6-month or 1-year subscription).

If you have more than one copy of the same report in your account, you receive significant discounts on the additional subscriptions.

If you add a new subscription to your account, it may be pro-rated to match the renewal date of your other subscriptions.

Do you have other price information that is not in any of your publications?

What you see is what we have. We do not track any prices that we do not report in our publications.

I need historical pricing. How can I get it?

Please contact customer service for more information.

Can I send copies of the report(s) to anyone I choose?

Only if they are in the same physical location where you receive your copy(ies). Buildings next door are not the same physical location. Please see our copyright section for a full explanation. Click here.

Is there a price difference if I get my reports by e-mail PDF instead of by postal mail?

Yes, switching to e-mail PDF will save you money, since you will not have a print surcharge on your subscription.

Why can't I get the full Random Lengths newsletter before 2pm Pacific time on Fridays?

The full report is not completed until just before transmission time at 2 p.m. Pacific time. We do offer "Online" upon-release services if you require information before the full report is available. Please contact us to add these reports to your subscription account.

What does the rate code on my statement mean?

Rate Codes have up to 7 digits.

Here is an example and a breakdown of each digit. RPEC12P

R = This code represents the newsletter or service you subscribe to.

Codes include:
E - R/L International
R - Random Lengths Weekly
P - Panel Report
L - Lumber Report
M - Midweek Report
Y - Yardstick

P = This code represents the delivery format of the report.

Codes include:
P - PDF (Portable Document Format)
H - Hard Copy or Fax
D - Database
X - Spreadsheet

E = This code represents the delivery method of the report.

Codes include:
E - E-mail
F - Fax
P - Postal

C = This code represents the country the report is delivered to:

C - Canada
U - United States
F - Other

12 = This code represents the length of the subscription in months:

6 - 6-month subscription
12 - 1-year subscription

P = This code represents any additional delivery methods (if someone takes the report by e-mail and by postal mail).

Codes include:
E - E-mail
F - Fax
P - Postal

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